Diaries of a Time Traveler

Diaries of a Time Traveler

Written by:
Benji J. Wyvern
Narrated by:
Marian Hussey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
4 hours 8 minutes
In this riveting tale, six-year-old Hope and her mom Harper embark on a life-changing adventure. While playing near their home, Hope stumbles across a mysterious time machine hidden in the woods. Intrigued and eager to play, the duo is caught up in an unexpected time-traveling adventure.

Circling through time and space, Hope and Harper must navigate a world of uncertainty. While struggling to comprehend the machine's workings and facing unexpected challenges, they visit the Cretaceous period, the age of Homo Erectus, Pompeii in 79 CE, the Meiji period of Japan, Ancient Egypt, and much more. The origin and purpose of the time-travel machine are shrouded in mystery, but it's Hope's only way home.

The journey proves to be more than transformative for Hope as she navigates the challenges of growing up and undergoing physical and emotional changes. Watch her understand the complexities of love, grapple with the concept of mortality, and hone essential survival skills. Explore the intricacies of Hope's maturation into womanhood, delving into the profound experiences that shape her character in this personal narrative, which is a must-read for every woman.

Along this journey from the age of dinosaurs to the distant future, Hope will encounter cavemen, warriors, philosophers, and powerful Pharaohs. Friends and foes emerge, shaping her destiny in unforeseen ways. But what is the destiny of a time traveler?

As the narrative unfolds, Hope faces critical decisions that not only impact her life but also the lives of those she holds dear. Can she seize control of her destiny and rewrite her future, or will the enigmatic time machine dictate her fate? Join Hope and Harper on this thrilling adventure, as they navigate the intricate bylanes of time, history, and resilience of the human spirit in the third volume of the True Tales series.
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