Dirty Little Midlife Dilemma: A Small Town Romantic Comedy: Heart's Cove Hotties Book 7

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
8 hours 51 minutes
A hot, hilarious fresh start! Nora's forties begin with a bang…or rather, a crash.

What's worse than bumping into a parked motorcycle and tipping it over?

Easy. It's bumping into a motorcycle, tipping it over, and sending it crashing into an entire row of bikes like horrible, slow-motion dominos.

What's even worse than that?

Nora knows the answer. It's when the first motorcycle in the row belongs to the hottest man in a hundred-mile radius, and he watches the whole thing happen.

Lee Blair looks like he wants to pop her head off her shoulders like a champagne cork.
Saying “oopsie daisy” doesn't calm him down. Go figure.

Safe to say, Nora's not having a great day.
Her fresh start isn't exactly going to plan.

When she gets the bill for her mistake, she nearly breaks down.
In order to pay it off, she'll have to move back in with her mother and beg for her old job back.
It's every forty-one-year-old woman's dream…not.

Until Lee offers her a solution.
He'll take on the debt and let her pay it off over time…if she agrees to work for him.
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Jessie R.

Read this one out of order, as my library had a 22-week wait for its predecessor! At this point, I pretty much know the characters in Heart’s Cove and didn’t feel lost. This one’s on-par with the rest of the series: super sweet, small town vibes, lovable ‘girls club’, chivalrous guys, gossipy old biddies … lots of ‘found family’ vibes and a mayor I loved to hate. (I’d love to see another read or even a short where he gets his! Just saying.) Overall: 5 stars Audio- Perfection! No hiccups, great performances. Fun setup into the next one too, cannot wait to read on. Still a great series, 7 books in.

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