Dirty Little Midlife Disaster: A Motorcycle Hottie Romantic Comedy: Heart's Cove Hotties Book 4

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
8 hours 47 minutes
Sizzling-hot and seriously funny. Who said your forties couldn't be both?
Katrina Viceroy is a recently divorced mother of two, and the proud new owner of a flat tire… until leather-clad motorcycle hottie, Mac Blair, arrives to save the day.

Mac is the exact opposite of Trina's ex-husband. He's got bad boy etched into every line of his muscular body, for one. Not to mention that gravelly, deep voice he uses to order her around.

Things like, “Swing that pretty leg over my bike,” and, “Hold on tight,” and, “Here's my number; call me.”

When he's got her frazzled and panting, Mac just...rides off.

Honestly, the nerve!
Apropos nothing, does anyone have a phone she can borrow?

The old Trina would have ignored the phone number burning a hole in her pocket, but the new and improved (read: divorced) Trina?

She's calling. Even if it ends up being a total disaster.

Spoiler alert: it most certainly does
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