Dirty Little Midlife Secret: Heart's Cove Hotties Book 6

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
9 hours 14 minutes
Lily has a secret, and it's about to come out. This forty-year-old free spirit will tell her family, deal with the fallout, and move on with her life. Everything will work out just fine. Within a year, she'll be back to normal. Then she meets Rudy. Handsome, charming, roguish Rudy. The man who drifts through life with a smile on his lips and makes her mind spiral into places that should be locked away. He wants a date, and who is Lily to resist? This might be her last chance to enjoy herself. Her last chance to feel whole, womanly, desired. One little date won't hurt, as long as the two of them follow the golden rule: Keep It Casual. Because Lily's secrets are about to be exposed, and Rudy won't want to be anywhere near when the implosion happens.
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