Written by:
Terri L. Austin
Narrated by:
Hollie Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2017
9 hours 5 minutes
They call me an abomination. A mutant. A curse on their kind. I don't let it bother me. Much.

My name is Holly James, and what they say is true. I'm a freak of nature-a null. My mere presence zaps the magic from Others, rendering them powerless. That's why they hate me. But here's the kicker: I've found a way to profit from my lack of mojo.

Whether it's acting as a mystical wet blanket in a dispute between pyromancers or keeping hormonal shifters from changing during a sweet sixteen party, I provide a highly specialized service. For a hefty fee.

When a young witch turns up dead, clutching an amulet cursed with black magic, my estranged grandfather asks for my help. In return for nullifying the necklace, Gramps promises to find my missing mother-a witch who vanished after my birth. Of course there's a catch. He wants me to assist Cade McAllister, the arrogant sorcerer in charge of investigating the case.

Cade resents my existence, let alone my attempts to help. Still, I'll do whatever it takes to find my mom. For my own peace of mind I have to know what happened to her, and I won't allow anything to get in my way.
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Ashton R.

This was actually pretty good. I was a little worried because there weren't many reviews on audible and none on here but I I liked it. The main male character never really grew on me and I feel like they moved on to the love part a little fast... especially since he is still mostly a domineering dick to her but whatever. I pretty much loved all of the other men that flirted with our teased her much more than the ass she "loved" after a short week but that's really my only complaint. I know that some people don't like Hollie Jackson as a narrator but that's just her voice. She's not bored or anything.

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First let me say RIP to Terri L. Austin. I LOVED this book so much I went in search of #2 and found a sweet FB post from her husband saying she passed away from COVID pneumonia in 2022. (There is a #2 just not in audio) I don't like spoilers so I'll keep it as basic as I can lol Null #1- I LOVED how this book had a completely new idea (Nulls) that I've never heard before. Yes the normal "others" like vampires are in the book but they are different in this book because she is a Null. Holly is a strong woman making the best of her life and her humor was awesome making her personality was very relatable. The main character had heat! And Sunny! lol she straight up reminded me of my sister. I related to Holly when Cade was being overprotective out of love but coming off like a dick lol. The narrator- ..... ya. I didn't hate her voice like others I've heard but she is the reason I almost stopped listening more than once. At points her narrations made me think the book was written by a 9th grader. The British accent... I fast forwarded through 90% of his stuff so good thing he wasn't in it much. Side note: I more than kinda want another author to pick up where she left off because I know she just barely had a chance to explore the other characters.

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Mira R.

This is a great book

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Melissa M.

I agree with the other review. The narrators voice is kind of whiny and makes the main character seem annoying. But that could also just be the writing. Not the best book I’ve listened to but not the worst and it was free so 3 stars because it still was a decent listen.

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