DIVORCING A NARCISSIST: Deal With a Narcissistic Abuse Easily and Protect Yourself While Ending Destructive Marriage. Take Back the Control of Your Life Again and Heal Your Emotional Scars Today!

DIVORCING A NARCISSIST: Deal With a Narcissistic Abuse Easily and Protect Yourself While Ending Destructive Marriage. Take Back the Control of Your Life Again and Heal Your Emotional Scars Today!

Written by:
Amelia Owens
Narrated by:
Jason Sullivan , Chris Jones
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 56 minutes
Discover the Easiest and Safest Way to End Abusive and Destructive Marriage and Get Away From a Living Hell You Are In!Are you unhappy with your marriage? Do you feel like your spouse is demeaning to you all the time? Situations turn into shouting matches in a moment if things are not going their way?

If so, you are dealing with a narcissist - a really tough position to be in with seemingly no way out.

Still, there is no reason to worry anymore because there is a way out of the hell you are living in, and this guide will show you the easiest and safest way to do so.

Divorcing a Narcissist will guide you on a unique self-healing journey where you will learn how to deal effectively with a narcissist and protect yourself from the abuse and end your marriage/relationship safely and peacefully.

Learn how to escape the abuse – regain lost control, and mend your mind, body, and soul – when you are done, the only thing you will be doing is enjoying your new, better, and happier life.

Here is what this guide to divorcing a narcissist can offer you:

·     Peek into the mind of a narcissist – how to recognize the signs of abusive behavior

·     The seven steps to follow to take your revenge

·     Practical exercises for recovering from narcissistic abuse and redefining yourself afterward

·     Tactics to safely divorce/break off the relationship with a narcissist

·     Guide to healing your emotional scars and building a better and happier life

If you want to end a destructive marriage with ease and start living a happy life where you have genuine relationships that make you feel safe and comfortable, everything you need to achieve that, can be found inside this book.
Profile Avatar
Abu A.

This is audio book is very insightful about narcissist's. I have am learning and confirming the behavior of a narcissist based on personal experience. I would recommend it to anyone as it helps to identify red flags in human behavior.

Profile Avatar
Milena F.

Wish I had listen this audio book years ago if you are living with an abusive narcissistic personality this is an eye opener for you

Profile Avatar
Clarence W.

This audio book is essential in understanding and overcoming narcissistic abuse. A must listen for anyone who has been through it. You are not alone and you can recover and thrive.

Profile Avatar
Bethanie H.

A clear, compassionate guide to heal from the trauma of the devastation that a narcissistic relationship inevitably causes. I am looking forward to listening her next audio book, due to be released later this month.

Profile Avatar
Miranda C.

This is the 1st audio book I’ve listen since discovering I am a victim of emotional Narcissistic abuse. It confirms and validates so much of what I’ve been going through. A must listen and road map for all victims to listen. Thank you!

Profile Avatar
Bilaal M.

This book helped me to at last comprehend what I was managing in a nearby close to home relationship and that I wasn't going insane that the individual's impression of identifying with others is off and exclusively narcissistic.

Profile Avatar
Arjun C.

I definitely recommend this book for anyone in an emotionally abusive relationship, or anyone questioning whether or not they're in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Profile Avatar
Sue W.

This book is very easy to listen. Definitely gave some great insight and perspective. Loved the book . Will listen it again

Profile Avatar
Rabia W.

There is such an extraordinary add up to consider narcissism. This book will endeavor to explain things in clear terms. This book allows us to understand the real significance of narcissism and how it can impact our lives in each point.

Profile Avatar
Ioana A.

I came across this book at right time.I have been worried about the future, and felt like I couldn't trust myself & my choices anymore. This book helped me to start thinking differently.

Profile Avatar
Tamanna C.

This summarizes a growing problem. The points it raises are clear and concise. It helped clarify many things. Thank you.

Profile Avatar
Marco C.

This book has been so helpful for me after years of mental abuse from my narcissistic sociopath husband. It’s so on point almost as if I could have written it myself

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