Doctors from Hell: The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans

Written by:
Vivien Spitz
Narrated by:
Christina Delaine

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
10 hours 2 minutes
This is the account of torture and murder by experiment in the name of scientific research and patriotism.

The author describes the experience of being in bombed-out, dangerous, post-war Nuremberg, where she lived for two years while working on the trial. Once a Nazi sympathizer tossed bombs into the dining room of the hotel where she lived moments before she arrived for dinner. She takes us into the courtroom to hear the dramatic testimony and see the reactions of the defendants to the proceedings. The witnesses tell of experiments in which they were deprived of oxygen; frozen; injected with malaria, typhus, and jaundice; subjected to the amputation of healthy limbs; forced to drink seawater for weeks at a time; and other horrors.

This landmark trial resulted in the establishment of the Nuremberg Code, which sets the guidelines for medical research involving human beings. Doctors from Hell is a significant addition to the literature on World War II and the Holocaust, medical ethics, human rights, and the barbaric depths to which human beings can descend.

Contains mature themes.
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Gary G.

As a physician, I was stunned by the contents of this book. This is potent documentation of the horrors perpetrated by doctors who clearly had been caught doing whatever was asked of them by the powerful Third Reich, which they assumed would remain in control for a thousand years, and therefore seemed to have no problem performing inhuman and grotesque experiments on the Jews, Poles, Czechs, Russians, and Roma of Europe. The background, accusations, and defenses are well presented and the droll performance of the narrator is spot on for the topic. I have read many books on the Holocaust which frequently refer to medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners, but this book does not just gloss over the accusations. The details can be horrific, and a few times, my wife asked with tears in her eyes that I turn the reading off [she listened with me]. It is well written, very informative, and appropriately narrated. Anyone who is investigating the Holocaust or just World War II, should definitely add this book to the list.

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