Don’t Give A Dwarf

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
7 hours 47 minutes
Johnny Walker, Dwarf Bounty Hunter, is back on the hunt.

WANTED: Dead or Alive. Logree Creature. Origin is Oriceran. Intelligent, flammable, displaying purple goo and tentacles. Do not approach. Leave to the professionals . . . like Johnny Walker.

Just what the Everglades needed.

But who's going to watch the teenage shifter staying in his cabin? Turn your back and she's wrestling an old Gator from the swamp.

Johnny knows what to do. A little magi-tech and a few favors can get the answers he needs.

Will it be enough to capture the monster? How will he raise a magical in the Glades?
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Sarah McKevitt

Johnny, Lisa, Amanda and the coon hounds are settling into a new routine. Johnny and Lisa have a new case - an Oriceran creature called a Logree is causing havoc and it's up to the guys to put a stop to it. But is it all as it seems? Another great story from Martha and Michael - plenty of action and lots of hilarious banter between Rex and Luther (those 2 need their own story lol). Narration kept me engaged in the book - the narrator is awesome. Can't wait for the next audio book in the series.

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