Don't Puck With My Heart

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
11 hours 47 minutes
Having a pack isn't even on the radar for Dr. Piper Blake. Her focus is strictly on her surgical residency. There's no time for dating when the standards you set for yourself are sky high.

Unfortunately for Piper, the captain of the New Haven Foxes has a different idea. Alexi Bandnin is ready to make this his best season yet, by winning the Cup, and building his dream pack in the process.

The larger-than-life Alpha is playing his own matchmaker when it comes to the stubborn Piper and the team's new broody goalie, Owen. He becomes obsessed with the three becoming a pack and will do just about anything to make them both his.

The three have to unpack insecurities, self-doubt, and secrets to make this work. Time will only tell if they can make it to the end of the hockey season in one piece, or completely shattered.

Contains mature themes.
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Jade T.

Hearing my favorite book come to life is beyond magical. The narrators truly nailed the accents and emotions while story telling and I am beyond pleased with the story. I can see this turning into one of my comfort listens! Cannot recommend this audiobook more!! :))

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Lisa C.

The narrators really brought this book to life. This is my first audio book and I was worried I would find it cringe because I know the characters have accents but it wasn’t at all, if anything it added to the experience. In terms of the book, to me it is a love letter to every person who has been pressured to fulfil their parent(s) expectations to the detriment of their own health and happiness and to every person who has had to work twice as hard as others to achieve their dreams. Thank you Sarah for delivering this powerful message that our own voices matter and even if the outcome isn't exactly as you want, it is better to cut off toxic people to protect and pursue your own happiness. I finished this book feeling a multitude of things but the overwhelming feeling was probably contentment. Omega verse is typically my comfort genre and this gave me the feeling of a warm hug. It wasn't your "typical" omegaverse storyline as all characters were focussed on their careers and relationships rather than children which was refreshing.

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