Drawn in Blood

Drawn in Blood

Written by:
Andrea Kane
Narrated by:
Marian Hussey
Coming Soon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2024
12 hours 30 minutes
Former FBI Special Agent Sloane Burbank has seen her share of danger. But she never expected that danger to invade the lives of her family . . .

Then her mother is viciously attacked in the posh Manhattan apartment her parents share and it quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary robbery-the thieves obviously after something of her father's. But what could a respected art dealer have done to merit such violence? Determined to find out the truth, Sloane discovers a deadly secret buried in her father's past that has made him the target of a power-hungry mobster with a lethal agenda.

Desperate to save her father, Sloane must hold on to secrets of her own-especially from FBI Special Agent Derek Parker, the man she has grown to love deeply. Sloane could never betray her father's confidence. But withholding from Derek could prove dangerous in more ways than one.

As the killer closes in on her father, Sloane finds herself in foreign territory: alone, facing escalating personal danger, and hunting a moving target in a world where memories are long and loyalties are drawn in blood.
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