Dreamlands: Two Novellas

Written by:
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Narrated by:
Maria Liatis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
4 hours 49 minutes
A collection of Silvia Moreno-Garcia's short stories, including Prime Meridian and The Return of the Sorceress.

Prime Meridian is a novella set in a near-future Mexico City, where Amelia, an ex-university student scraping by with menial jobs, dreams of going to Mars and starting over. When she gets pulled back into the orbit of a wealthy ex-boyfriend
and all of his broken promises, Amelia must decide if she will take the chance to follow her dreams or settle for a meandering existence. Prime Meridian was included in Gardner Dozois’ The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual
Collection, and Locus magazine called it “one of the best novellas I’ve seen” and included Prime Meridian in their 2018 Recommended Reading List.

The Return of the Sorceress is a sword and sorcery novella in the vein of Michael Moorcock's classic Elric saga or the fantasy tales of Clark Ashton Smith. Yalxi, former supreme mistress of the Guild of Sorcerers is on a quest for revenge.
Her lover and confidant seized her throne and stole the precious diamond heart, the jewel that is the engine of her power. Yalxi sets out to regain her magic and find a weapon capable of destroying the usurper. But this will mean turning to an
old ally and opening herself up to unpleasant memories that have been suppressed for many years. For Yalxi is no great hero, but a cunning sorceress who once forged her path in blood—and must reckon with the consequences.
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