Dudes Take Over

Dudes Take Over

Narrated by:
Mark Sanderlin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
4 hours 28 minutes
It’s 5th Grade, and the Dudes are ready to rule the school.

The mission: Inflate the class economy, rock down the walls, race to the state capitol, and take over the governor’s office!

The Goal: To take possession of the most powerful dart gun ever invented! You won’t want to miss Deven’s hilarious election speech, Jayden’s Dude-themed birthday bash, or the battle with baby-stealing bandits! Sherwood will never be the same as these five friends take on downhill skiing, a talent show, a robot bidding war, and a spy mission to the principal’s office. Guard your garden gnome because Dudes are taking over!

The Dudes Adventure Chronicles is a series for kids 8-14 who can’t get enough madcap adventure and hilarious hijinks. The Dudes are a diverse group of preteen boys whose clever mischief turns their suburban neighborhood upside down. 

Terrific voice actor, Mark Sanderlin, delivers the funny for the whole family!Classic humor without movie tie-ins or fart jokes! Appeals to middle grade readers who like funny, realistic fiction without a tacked-on message or ripped-from-the-headlines problem.

Praise for Save the Dudes:

'With one priceless, laugh-out-loud scenario after another, the mother and son team of Johnson and Reynolds delivers a fine tale…

'Hilarious comic mayhem, rounded out by affection and insight.' --Kirkus Reviews

Classic middle grade humor with modern kids and realistic misadventures make for better-than-real-life hilarity. If you like Beverly Cleary's Henry Huggins or Barbara Robinson's The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever, you'll love the Dudes!

Warning to Parents: Anecdotal evidence suggests that readers of the Dudes may imagine some resemblance between the Dudes’ parents and their own.
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