Written By: Dakota Krout

Narrated By: Luke Daniels

Date: October 2019

Duration: 10 hours 8 minutes


Unlikely allies uniting across the world. Blood feuds that span centuries. A single chance at life.

The world watches the sky with trepidation. The insanity of Xenocide knew no bounds, and all will soon suffer the effects he had planned for a millennium. Though none know what is to come, they all know it isn't going to be easy to survive.

The Master has a plan, one that can give the world at large a way to escape the onrushing desolation. It may be on the bleeding edge of morality and what he needs might prove too difficult to secure, but The Master asks for trust.

Cal and Dale both have their role to play as the world hurtles toward destruction. One needs to bring the races of the world together while the other simply needs to survive. Surrounded by supposed allies, the duo will do all that they can to succeed-but with every new arrival comes rising tensions and faltering trust.

The apocalypse is coming. Will honor or greed stand the test of time?


  • Dyllan H.

    I like the series and the story is great. Nothing against this narrator he telks the story well, however I am no fan of the fact that the narrator was changed for the last book. It is sort of like watching your favorite TV series and halfway through the series the entire cast changes. If you understand what I mean.

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  • Anonymous

    the book is great but the narrator sucks terribly. the first narrator was so much better. im actually aggravated trying to listen but I want to hear the end. again terrible narrator

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

  • BGarv007

    Sorry i could not get past the narrator switch and I didn’t have a choice since i was heavily invested into what was gonna happen next. I really wish the original narrator could have finished the whole series. It took me out of the submersion of the whole first quarter of the book with the different character voices.

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  • Willem D.

    narrator isnt bad or anything , it just sucks they changed the narrator at the Final book

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  • Sean H.

    It's a good series and I am glad to hear it until the very end. Luke does a great job except for 1 part and that is female voices.

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  • Anonymous

    Narrator was ..... ehhh

  • Robert S.

    I realize Vikas ended up being a tool but this new narrator is TERRIBLE! WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE RANDOMLY SCOTTISH? THE FEMALE VOICES ARE BEYOND SAD!!! Please please please change narrators, I'm so infatuated with your extremely creative writing but I can't take this guys performance.

  • Volney W.

    I loved this series. The change in voice actors worked for me and I look forward to listening to other narrations by Luke. I really hardly noticed the change, but that is probably because I recently listen to Rexus. If you are looking for a good series I would recommend this one.

  • Anonymous

    Dakota delivers yet another excellent entry into his endlessly amusing series. Yes there is a new narrator, but once I made the mental shift it was fine. I love it. Keep them coming!

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by Dakota Krout

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Dungeon Eternium, Dakota Krout
Dungeon Eternium, Dakota Krout
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Dungeon Eternium, Dakota Krout
This title is due for release on October 15, 2019
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Dungeon Eternium, Dakota Krout
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Dungeon Eternium, Dakota Krout

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