[Spanish] - Easy Spanish Course for Beginners: Learn the basics for everyday conversation

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2016
6 hours 54 minutes
The perfect Spanish course for travel in Spain. It is designed to help you ask for the things you’re most likely to need when visiting Spain and to give you the skills to cope with situations you might find yourself in.

The accompanying free booklet is also available to download at: collinsdictionary.com/resources.

It is different from other courses in that you also learn to understand the likely replies to your questions. You will hear key words and phrases used in dialogues between native speakers, so you learn not only how to say them but also how they are used in conversation.

Topics covered:
Unit 1 Hello! · ¡Hola!
Unit 2 Excuse me · Perdone
Unit 3 Where’s the bar? · ¿Dónde está el bar?
Unit 4 Over there · Allí
Unit 5 What would you like? · ¿Qué deseaba?
Unit 6 Have you got … ? · ¿Tiene … ?
Unit 7 Can you help me? · ¿Podría ayudarme?
Unit 8 I want to go to … · Quería ir a …
Unit 9 Have you got a room? ¿Tiene una habitación?
Unit 10 It hurts · Tengo dolor
Unit 11 When for? · ¿Para cuándo?
Unit 12 What’s it like? · ¿Cómo está?

Unit 1 At the reception desk En la recepción
Unit 2 Hiring a car·Alquilar un coche
Unit 3 Where are you from?·¿De dónde es usted?
Unit 4 What do you do? A qué se dedica usted?
Unit 5 How are you? ¿Cómo está usted?
Unit 6 Do you want to go out this evening? ¿Quieres salir esta noche?
Unit 7 What could we do?·¿Qué podríamos hacer?
Unit 8 What do you do at the weekend?·¿Qué haces los fines de semana?
Unit 9 A holiday in Spain·Vacaciones en España
Unit 10 What are we doing tomorrow?·¿Qué hacemos mañana?
Unit 11 What is the weather going to be like?·¿Qué tiempo va a hacer?
Unit 12 On the phone·Por teléfono
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Henrietta B.

Yes very easy to understand and get yourself ready because you can keep going over then word without being in a hurry for the next lesson

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