Eloquently Hanging by Threads

Eloquently Hanging by Threads

Written by:
Vanna Forrester
Narrated by:
Mandy Grant-Grierson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
10 hours 7 minutes
She needed saving. He obliged without asking. Will a major misstep become grounds for true love?

1962. Marlie Bloom keeps people at arm’s length. Though the aspiring fashion designer struggles to keep up with the fast-paced thrills of New York City, she puts up with a stuffy fiancé who will provide for her broken family. But the world and its worries all stop spinning when she meets a rugged man over twice her age who sparks a burning primal attraction.

Jack Watson has lost his sense of purpose. Since the death of his daughter and his subsequent divorce, the fit-and-fifty-something math professor can’t seem to find inspiration. So when a beautiful young woman relights the fire in his heart only to flee because of her engagement, he’s determined to win her over to a better life in his bed.

When a dramatic turn of events sees Marlie cut off from all communication, she schemes up an elaborate escape while sketching her boldest designs ever. And though Jack is still reeling from Marlie’s romantic unavailability, he vows to hold a torch for the missing designer… and the sketches that will one day take the grand prize.

Will their unexpected passion come at the cost of freedom, or spark a sizzling affair?

Eloquently Hanging by Threads is a risqué romance novel. If you like fascinating characters, unconventional relationships, and the ins and outs of an astounding era, then you’ll adore Vanna Forrester’s heart-pounding epic.

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