Entangled in Scarlet: A Paranormal Vampire Romance

Entangled in Scarlet: A Paranormal Vampire Romance

Written by:
J.A. Carter
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
5 hours 46 minutes
They vowed to own me—body, heart, and soul. I never thought I’d let them.

The only thing more terrifying than being taken captive by four vampires is falling for each of them. Despite their rocky start, Calla can’t imagine her life without the immortals she’s bound to.

And when they’re attacked by vampire hunters, they have no choice but to run. While Calla struggles with another life-altering ambush, Kade faces his own in the form of his dead sister. They say the bonds of family are the strongest, but this reunion isn’t a happy one.

As tensions rise between the vampires and hunters, extreme measures are taken by the oldest vampires in history to ensure the survival of their race. There isn’t a moment to breathe before Calla is once again forced to acknowledge the deal her ancestors made for her life.

Until she discovers the consequences of the blood oath may not be hers to face…

Entangled in Scarlet is the third installment in the addicting, sexy-as-sin Blood Oath series!


Book #1: Bound in Crimson

Book #2: Tempted by Fire

Book #3: Entangled in Scarlet

Book #4: Fated in Ruby

Book #5: Unraveled by Desire

Book #6: Raptured by Eternity
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