Essays in the Art of Writing (Unabridged)

Narrated by:
Carl Mason

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
2 hours 29 minutes
Essays in the Art of Writing Robert Louis Stevenson examines the techniques of writing, and gives insights into the writing of 'Treasure Island' and 'The Master of Ballantrae.'CONTENTS On Some Technical Elements of Style in Literature, The Morality of the Profession of Letters, Books Which Have Influenced Me, A Note On Realism, My First Book: 'Treasure Island,' The Genesis of 'The Master of Ballantrae' Robert Louis Stevenson Stevenson's life was almost as adventurous as the stories he created. He spent much of it as a traveler, writing about his exploits in such exemplary travel books as TRAVELS WITH A DONKEY IN THE CEVENNES.
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