Extreme Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women and Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep, Stress and Anxiety Relief 2 in 1: Powerful Self-Hypnosis, Psychology and Mindfulness to Overcome Insomnia, Emotional Eating, Improve Self-Esteem, Fall Asleep Instantly, Boo

Written by:
Vishal Suresh
Narrated by:
Krystal Wascher , Jim Rising

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
3 hours 10 minutes
Do you want to optimize your health, get rid of sleeping pills and achieve your dream body peak physical condition effortlessly? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then keep reading.

Hypnosis is not an instant cure to all your negative eating habits or sleeping challenges. It is an effective tool to help change your undesirable behaviors and habits. As a result of this change, you can overcome emotional eating, fall in love with exercise, develop a healthier relationship with food and fall asleep instantly!  

In this special 2-in-1 bundle, you will discover proven psychological blueprints designed to help you achieve these goals by turning your subconscious mind into your personal trainer!

In Extreme Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women you're going to learn how to:

Subconsciously overcome overeating and make healthier eating choices.

30 Minutes Scripts to accomplish challenging Trekking Journeys.

Achieve your weight loss goals by utilizing the secret power of your brain.

Fall in love with exercise in your own 'mental gym”.

Finally, here's what you're going to learn in Guided Mediation for Deep Sleep, Stress and Anxiety Relief:

An easy to follow guided meditation to help you bleed away your crippling anxiety

Drift off to dreamland and sleep through a storm with a powerful sleep meditation script designed to get you past the REM stage of sleep

Guided meditation scripts to help you pull yourself out of depression

How to rid yourself of negative, depression-inducing thoughts and fill your psyche with positive, empowering thoughts

Sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed that will boost self-love and confidence

This audiobook is filled with tons of deep insights using the power of your mind to unlock your weight loss potential, develop extremely healthy eating habits and fall asleep effortlessly every single night

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