Fallen Empire

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
7 hours 22 minutes
From internationally bestselling author K. A. Tucker comes the thrilling conclusion to the dark and sexy Dirty Empire series.

Mercy Wheeler and Gabriel Easton's sordid tale ends in Fallen Empire as Gabriel must save Mercy and escape his father's grip once and for all.

Contains mature themes.
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Robin K.

I would DEF recommend listening to this series.. 5 star all the way.. Everyone needs a lil Gabriel n Mercy in their life

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Jocelyne G.

This is the fourth and last book in the Empire Nightclub series, a dark mafia romance. I love this series! This is an explosive conclusion to Gabriel and Mercy's story. There is a lot going on in this installment. The storyline is intriguing, intense, entertaining, and enthralling. Impossible to stop listening. Alex Kydd and Ada Sinclair did an excellent job with the narration.

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Katslovesbooks L.

I listened to this audiobook and the narrators Ada Sinclair and Alex Kydd did a fantastic job not just in this book but throughout the whole series. This is the forth and finale book in the Empire Nightclub series and it picks up right after the ending of book three. Mercy future is uncertain and in danger, Gabriel is desperate to find Mercy and he won't stop until he has her safe in his arms. I really liked how Mercy was her own saviour and how Gabriel fought to put and end to his father's dirty empire. This couple truly comes full circle in this book. They have face so many obstacles and their character growth was so good. There's still plenty of action throughout the pages of this story and the passion between Gabriel and Mercy is deeper. Together this couple has become a unity that can't be reckoned and their love is the hope for the future that they both desperately one. I really enjoyed listening to this series and definitely recommend.

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Jessica A.

PERFORMANCE: 5 STARS Ada Sinclair & Alex Kydd did an exceptional job with this story, and I am looking forward to listening to a lot more from them in the future! Well done to them both! STORY: 5 STARS AGAIN … twist and turns are running amok, and we start this installment with a bang!! Sweet Jesus, these two cannot catch a break! Here’s where I tell you the absolute best aspect of Gabriel & Mercy’s complete journey (four books lol) … the surprises just never stop and it is utterly bewitching! I have to give props to the author for keeping the level of suspense very high throughout most of this story. I honestly couldn’t have told you Gabriel & Mercy would make it until it actually happened. *slow clap* Well done! KA Tucker managed to keep me completely invested in every single word from the very beginning with the first book right to the end with this one. In my experience, there’s always this lull that happens in journeys that encompass several books, and it did not happen with Mercy & Gabriel. Again, well done! I am really looking forward to investing in this author in the future!

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Patricia R.

Exciting til the very end, KA Tucker has our hearts pounding with her conclusion of the Empire Nightclub series! Finally we get our just desserts and are on the edge waiting for Gabriel and Mercy\'s happily ever after. This installment is filled with action, from kidnapping to murder! Talk about intrigue! I was completely invested in every minute, wondering if and when things would break, and how many casualties it would take with it. Gabriel and Mercy are destined to be together and what they endured to get there was tough. So many interesting characters, like Caleb and even Bane made the story exciting and suspenseful. I loved this series, the perfect mix of romance and suspense. It has made me a huge KA Tucker fan for sure!\r\n\r\nAlex Kydd and Ada Sinclair complete their narration of this incredible series. Kydd is spot on with every emotion and nuance as Gabriel. He deals with so much, and gives Gabriel focus, bravery, and love. Sinclair keeps Mercy strong, never letting up on her as she struggles to get to her happiness. She has a tough route, and the voice of fear, disgust and love is coming through loud and clear. This team made the listen amazing and I would love to hear them together again.

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Brandi B.

Fallen Empire is the final book of the Empire Nightclub series by K.A Tucker. If you haven\'t seen my reviews for the previous 3 go back and pick up book one! \r\n\r\nThe conclusion of this series was nothing short of dark, gritty and mysterious, This mafia romance is full of twists and turns and moments of utter despair but the chemistry and love between Gabriel and Mercy is so good- I\'m a sucker for the playboy who never will find love let alone entertain it falling completely in love! \r\n\r\nNo ones life is safe with a drug empire on the line, Throughout the series Mercy really gained a lot of strength and learned to be more assertive to get what she wanted to live a happy life, even if that meant falling in love with a dangerous man like Gabriel. She\'s been dragged into a life she doesn\'t want but is woman enough to communicate what she won\'t put up with. \r\n\r\nGabriel is a man willing to do anything to protect his woman, no matter the cost, and that definitely had him showing a side of himself no women had seen before.\r\n\r\nI loved this series and I\'m kinda bummed out it\'s over now!

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