Fallon: A Novel

Written by:
Louis L'Amour
Narrated by:
Jason Culp

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
5 hours 14 minutes
Macon Fallon had never needed more than a deck of cards, a fast horse, and a ready gun; he was counting on those things now as he led an unsuspecting group of settlers to an abandoned mining town. But while Fallon prepared to pass the ghost town off as a gold mine in the making, a funny thing happened: a real-life community started to take shape in the town he’d christened Red Horse. So when a band of vicious outlaws and a kid who fancied himself a gunslinger threatened to rip Red Horse apart, Fallon found himself caught in one predicament he’d never gambled on. He had come to Red Horse to make a quick fortune, but now he might have to pick up a gun and risk his life for a place he never wanted to call home.…
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Julie O.

It is such an amazing story. It is probably my favorite Louis L'Amour story and I know most all of them. The main person has such a aggravated, no-care audited that really puts a great light on the story. You would just have to hear it.

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