The Family Business 7

The Family Business 7

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2024
9 hours 30 minutes
Keep up with the Duncan family down South as we travel to New Orleans in The Family Business 7.

Operated by the same family for more than a century, Midnight Blues may be fun for the locals and the tourists, but as of late, the club hasn’t been fun for its owner, Big Shirley Duncan, or her son Tyrese, descendants of the original proprietors. The pair finds themselves in the middle of a turf war between local politicians, developers, and a ruthless underworld boss, Jean LeBlanc, who is looking to make a name for himself.

Afraid for the first time in her life that her family may lose control of The Blues, Big Shirley sends Tyrese to New York to see her brother-in-law, LC Duncan. In turn, LC enlists his nephew, bounty hunter Curtis Duncan, and his highly trained niece Lauryn Duncan, to help add some muscle and security to their family’s struggling business.

This audiobook is narrated by Elyse Anthony, Ace Bentley, K. Bernard, Morris Kellswater, Midnite Michael, and Charlie L. Wood
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