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March 2020
9 hours 1 minute
Cami: Who knew I would love to be with two men, at the same time? I never did, until I tried it. Now, it was in my blood. But when one of our partners walked away, Dane and I were left searching for the man who could complete us. When the cocky actor entered our life, we understood he didn't do commitment. But he kept resurfacing. He wanted us and we wanted another man. One night in return for seven dates. If this wasn't a recipe for disaster, could we show him that life could be complete with the three of us together?

Dane: I loved my wife more than anything, but our needs and desires were not vanilla and we craved more. The famous actor who kept appearing everywhere we were turned out to be my kryptonite-an a**hole. More so, he immediately saw Cami for the true gem she was. Will he give into what our touch, our words, and our presence in his life, does to him, the second we're all together?

Miles: I fell years ago for two people and loved them without abandon. After a loss so deep it left me a shell of a man, I never gave into my desire for a forever. I was built to be alone. Yet, the sexy lawyer and his drop dead gorgeous wife have made it almost impossible to walk away.

Contains mature themes.
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I loved this series.

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Stefanie M.

I loved, loved Famous! I love how Leigh Lennon writes and how she weaves an intricate story about love and acceptance. Being who you are and staying strong. I loved listening to the narrators and how they brought this story to life. I could feel all that chemistry between them and you could see it from the beginning when they first meet. It made me laugh and heart go just a bit faster in some places. I loved Came she was a personal favorite. Then there's Miles whom had baggage and hurt from a past relationship, It took a lot and when they did it was freaking hot!! I really loved this story!

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Jennifer B.

It has been awhile since I have read this book and listening to it was like getting this book for the first time again. I absolutely adored the narrators and how they brought the characters to life again for me. I was looking so looking forward to this read and this one did not disappoint. The dynamics of these together created for a an incredible read and how I loved how it still interconnected to the others. The three of them getting over their hurt and trying to make it work. The one thing that struck me the strongest in reading this was the mental growth the characters went through trying to make it all happen.

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