Fate of the Fallen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2016
9 hours 21 minutes
Cooper Lee and her friends in the Hope Street Bible Study Group are enjoying a glorious summer day in the park, complete with a picnic, hiking, swimming, and a local bluegrass band. But Cooper knows that no good day goes unpunished, and when a man turns up dead in the nearby woods-and the sister of Cooper's fiance is named as the prime suspect-the group may have to trade in their prayers of thanks for pleas of divine intervention.

Cooper knows her future sister-in-law is innocent, so when the police arrest her for the murder, the Bible study group must step in to catch the real killer and prevent a grave injustice. Following a twisted trail of clues that leads to a hit-and-run driver, a homeless veteran, and a park full of suspects who may hold more secrets than solutions, Cooper must hold firm to her spiritual convictions before an innocent woman faces a conviction of a more earthly nature.
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Great conclusion to the series. I have enjoyed all the books; the character development, the relationships and HOW the group discovers clues and put them all together! Ellery has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

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