Father/Son Duet: Like Father Like Son and Different As Night and Day

Written by:
Leigh Lennon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
12 hours 43 minutes
This must-listen collection includes both titles in the Father/Son Duet, Like Father Like Son and Different as Night and Day.

Like Father Like Son: I said good-bye to my son. But he had one final request-a letter I'll never forget.

'Dear Dad, If you're reading this, it means I'm gone. I had one dream, growing old with Holland. Death won't stop me from providing for my wife. And because you're the best man I know, what I'm about to ask-my last request-I know you'll do. Please take care of Holland. Take her back to California with you. It's a lot-I know. But, I'm placing my most precious possession in your hands. Love, Scott.'

Different as Night and Day: I laid my husband to rest . . .

Scott was my world and my future. His love for me transcended the dimensions of time and space-having made provisions for me in the event of his death. He was after all in a war zone and the odds were high he may not come home. But now I can't help but think about the new man in my life-my husband's father.

Contains mature themes.
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Kelly G.

Yes!!! My revisit with Holland and Maguire (aka Darlin' & Sarge) did not disappoint! I love this story! Holland is married to Scott.... who is Maguire's son. Scott is in the military and dies in action. Scott writes a not to his dad that should anything happen to him he wants his dad to take Holland in and look after her (her parents suck as well as his mom). So their story starts with them driving all the way across the country together to get Scott's truck to California, where they will be living. This whole duet is back and forth with Holland and Maguire.... and a SUPER slow burn! BUT there is some spicy scenes mixed in to the earlier pages, but they don't actually give in for quite some time! Holland keeps having some bad luck and she thinks that not only is the love that she shares with her father-in-law taboo.... but she thinks it dooms her to bad things happening! Such a good story.... Maguire is SO swoony! And I love the way that he works at her pace through basically all the story..... and only pushes a bit and seems to do it during just the right times!

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