Feint and Doublecross

Feint and Doublecross

Written by:
Tilly Wallace
Narrated by:
Marian Hussey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
7 hours 32 minutes
An unexpected move could place Sera in check…or will it be checkmate?

A strange beast stalks unfashionable Southbank, taking victims in a horrific fashion. Naturally the Mage Council sends Sera to track the supernatural killer, while pressuring her to marry one of their hand picked suitors.

With few clues as to whether the man was targeted or if it were a random crime of opportunity, Sera casts a remembrance spell that brings to the surface a similar crime. Set on the trail of a decades old curse that may have resulted in fatal consequences, Sera stumbles upon a tingle of familiar magic. Finally, she unravels long buried secrets about her history.

Then from the shadows, her opponent steps forward and makes a move. But with Sera distracted by revelations from her past, it could put her into a deadly checkmate…
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