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Fiat Money Inflation in France

Fiat Money Inflation in France

Written by:
Andrew Dickson White
Narrated by:
Ethan Williams
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
2 hours 18 minutes
'Fiat Money Inflation in France' is a book written by Andrew Dickson White, a prominent historian and diplomat, which explores the causes and consequences of the inflationary period in France during the late 18th century.

The book describes the financial crisis that occurred in France during the French Revolution, when the government began printing vast amounts of paper money, known as assignats, to fund its war efforts and other expenditures. The resulting inflation had devastating effects on the economy, causing widespread poverty, social unrest, and political instability.

White analyzes the economic and political factors that contributed to the inflation, including the government's reliance on paper money, the lack of fiscal discipline, and the breakdown of the tax system. He also examines the impact of the inflation on various sectors of society, such as farmers, merchants, and workers, and the role of inflation in fueling political radicalism and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Overall, 'Fiat Money Inflation in France' is a seminal work on the history of money and inflation, and is often cited as a cautionary tale for governments and central banks about the dangers of excessive money creation
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