Release Date
April 2023
12 hours 52 minutes
Forbidden love and fierce rivalry drive Jeff Hollister, a street-smart high school senior and gang leader of the Hurricanes, to the brink of disaster. Thinking he’s got the world in his back pocket, and the police at a safe distance, he and his scrappy gang of teenage delinquents come to discover they don’t always come out on top after all.
A deadly vow by a member of the rival Tornadoes gang sets Jeff and his friends on a roller coaster of knife fray and gunplay, foot races and car chases, trust and betrayal, and murder. The death of a beloved friend serves a painful slap of reality to the Hurricanes that incites a burning desire for vengeance among the gang.
With angry players going rogue, and weapons in the wrong hands, even the leaders are out of their depth. To make matters worse, Jeff is sidetracked by his budding love for Cindy, whose father just so happens to be the new police chief—the one person the Hurricane leader most wants to avoid. Yet she might also be the catalyst that can save Jeff from his own devices—if it doesn’t kill her first...
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Debra C.

Great read with excellent narration. Descriptive and entertaining!

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