Finding God at the Kitchen Sink: Search for Glory in the Everyday Grime

Written by:
Maggie Paulus
Narrated by:
Susan Hanfield

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2015
2 hours 19 minutes
Did you know you can find glory everywhere?Finding God at the Kitchen Sink is a collection of reflections for those seeking solace in this fallen, confusing, and disorderly world.Did you know you can find glory everywhere-in God's creation, in His Word, in relationships, and in the details of everyday life? Maggie's gut-honest perspective will help you see that God shows up even where we least expect Him, like in the pain and ache of life.With stories that teach us to pay attention to His Presence, to the God who is always here and is always for us, Finding God at the Kitchen Sink changes the way we see everything. Those with bruised up hearts who are plodding along, simply existing, will come away with a heaping amount of hope that there is indeed purpose in the mundane and glory in the grime.
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