Fire Your Financial Advisor

Written by:
Greg Aler
Narrated by:
Greg Aler

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
4 hours 14 minutes
Greed. Exploitation. And so many fees. All hiding in plain sight. That’s your financial advisor. Whose services and advice have become the outdated VHS player of retirement.
In Fire Your Financial Advisor: 40 Years of Greed and Exploitation of the American Retiree, and How You Can Fight Back, Greg Aler tells the story of how the financial industry created a trillion-dollar empire by withholding information while over-charging and under-servicing retirees regarding the real risks of retirement. Greg then introduces the Retirement Planner. This is a new guide who was built to replace the financial advisor and address the four largest risks in retirement today: IRA taxes, market risk, fees, and the skyrocketing costs of long-term care.
No longer is retirement just about picking investments. Fire Your Financial Advisor shows that if you want to ensure your life savings are protected, you need a new guide for this new world of retirement.
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