Flat Broke with Two Goats: A Memoir

Written by:
Jennifer McGaha
Narrated by:
Pam Ward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
9 hours 20 minutes
Jennifer McGaha never expected to own a goat named Merle. Or to be setting Merle up on dates and naming his doeling Merlene. She didn't expect to be buying organic yogurt for her chickens. She never thought she would be pulling camouflage carpet off her ceiling or rescuing opossums from her barn and calling it 'date night.' Most importantly, Jennifer never thought she would only have $4.57 in her bank account.

When Jennifer discovered that she and her husband owed back taxes-a lot of back taxes-her world changed. Now desperate to save money, they foreclosed on their beloved suburban home and moved their family to a one-hundred-year-old cabin in a North Carolina holler. Soon enough, Jennifer's life began to more closely resemble the lives of her Appalachian ancestors than the life she experienced in her middle class upbringing. But what started as a last-ditch effort to settle debts became a journey that revealed both the joys and challenges of living close to the land.

Told with bold wit, unflinching honesty, and a firm foot in the traditions of Appalachia, Flat Broke with Two Goats blends stories of homesteading with the journey of two people rediscovering the true meaning of home.
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claire s.

Loved this book and felt the narrator did a great job. Look up the author Jennifer Mcgaha and enjoy seeing photos of the cabin, waterfall and goats on her website after listening.

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a good listen.

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Paula S.

Loved this book and the spirit and adventures of this woman.

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A very different book for me loved it thought I laughed throughout and enjoyed the journey and growth of the people.

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Suzanne M.

Story shows how people make poor decisions over and over again. Luckily this couple found happiness along the way

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Simply beautiful!

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Liked book, a bit disappointed in the way it ended

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I liked the book, it ws somewhat interesting but not my style.

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Cindy D.

Enjoyed the book

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