Written by:
Octavia E. Butler
Narrated by:
Adenrele Ojo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
12 hours 24 minutes
Shori is a mystery. Found alone in the woods, she appears to be a little black girl with traumatic amnesia and near-fatal wounds. But Shori is a fifty-three-year-old vampire with a ravenous hunger for blood, the lost child of an
ancient species of near-immortals who live in dark symbiosis with humanity. Genetically modified to be able to walk in daylight, Shori now becomes the target of a vast plot to destroy her and her kind. And in the final apocalyptic battle,
her survival will depend on whether all humans are bigots—or all bigots are human …
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Laura V.

This book kept me hooked from start to finish and has made me think more deeply about consent , relationships, and connection. so glad I listened to it. also enjoyed the narration which had insightful intonation and different voices for the characters. Loved it!

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Reasha W.

the kind of story that stays with you

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Latoya L.

Fledgling by no other than Octavia Butler. She's the Sci-Fi Queen. In this book, she introduces us to a little girl, Shori who wakes up in a cave from a fall or amnesia. She remembers nothing and wonders who/why there are dead bodies around her and where her parents are. Finds out that shori is a genetically modified 53-year-old vampire, that can walk and function throughout the day. Her kind lives long lives, even though she presents as a child, she is much older. Many of her kind lives for 300-600 years. They live off others' blood. And once they suck your blood, you then become obsessed with them. You also gain pleasure from them sucking your blood, and your life's goal is to please and protect them. Octavia, in her own glory, brings us a look into "otherness" or another possible lifestyle. It is questionable but possible. Not her best work.. but most definitely her genre. #Book14of2023 #Whatsnext

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Leanna J.

Loved this book!

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Aja C.

The title itself is a good read. I think this is an original spin on an old much used genre. it was a little rushed and somewhat unfinished but overall definitely worth the read. I loved the intense sexual, psychological and emotional relationships between vampire to symbiont. There was desire but also love and attachment. I wish Miss Butler had lived to write a follow up novel or just revise this one.

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