Flipping Love You

Flipping Love You

Written by:
Erin Nicholas
Narrated by:
Evan Henderson , Virginia Rose
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
10 hours 56 minutes
He's the tattooed bad boy her mama warned her about.

She's his hot mess--but mostly hot--next door neighbor.

Until a two-night-stand gives them the surprise of a lifetime...

Jillian Morris is a workaholic who forgets to watch the time. And to eat. And to change her shoes. And to keep even a house-plant alive. And to have any kind of a personal life.

Now an eccentric millionaire has left her sixteen million dollars. And eight penguins. Yes, real live penguins. She's a wildlife vet who specializes in penguins, so that makes sense. Kind of. She can, and does, keep penguins alive and well. She now just has to move them cross-country to her friend's new animal park.

So if anyone deserves a one-night (or two) stand with a hot, younger, tattooed bad boy on a motorcycle, it's her. Or so Jill tells herself when Zeke Landry flips his bike in front of her motel.

If only she'd known who he really was.

And that he was the fall-hard-and-fast type.

And the protective type.

And that one night would turn into more like nine-months of being...sigh...very personal.

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