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Folly's Bride: Book 4

Written by:
Jane Peart
Narrated by:
Renee Raudman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2011
5 hours 21 minutes
'Sara! You must come out! You're wanted downstairs right away,' Lucie hissed through the keyhole on the locked bedroom door. 'Stepmama is furious and Father has sent word that he's coming home early from the Exchange. She says he's in a rage over what you've done!' 'I haven't done anything! It's not my fault if those two hotheads decide to fight a duel!' came her sister's indignant voice from the other side of the door. 'Oh, Sara, please!' Lucie pleaded. 'Father will be here any minute. You must do as you're told!' She shook her head and sighed ruefully, 'You're stubborn, Sara.' 'No,' denied Sara. 'I am strong.' Thus begins the bittersweet story of beautiful Sara Leighton, the headstrong heroine of Folly's Bride, the fourth in the Brides of Montclair series. As with her predecessors, happiness does not come painlessly to this newest bride of Montclair. Her unusual beauty and her independent spirit places her on a collision course with romance, frustration, disappointment, and finally, true love.
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