The Forgotten Home Child

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
10 hours 34 minutes
The Home for Unwanted Girls meets Orphan Train in this unforgettable novel about a young girl caught in a scheme to rid England’s streets of destitute children, and the lengths she will go to find her way home—based on the true story of the British Home Children.


At ninety-seven years old, Winnifred Ellis knows she doesn’t have much time left, and it is almost a relief to realize that once she is gone, the truth about her shameful past will die with her. But when her great-grandson Jamie, the spitting image of her dear late husband, asks about his family tree, Winnifred can’t lie any longer, even if it means breaking a promise she made so long ago...


Fifteen-year-old Winny has never known a real home. After running away from an abusive stepfather, she falls in with Mary, Jack, and their ragtag group of friends roaming the streets of Liverpool. When the children are caught stealing food, Winny and Mary are left in Dr. Barnardo’s Barkingside Home for Girls, a local home for orphans and forgotten children found in the city’s slums. At Barkingside, Winny learns she will soon join other boys and girls in a faraway place called Canada, where families and better lives await them.

But Winny’s hopes are dashed when she is separated from her friends and sent to live with a family that has no use for another daughter. Instead, they have paid for an indentured servant to work on their farm. Faced with this harsh new reality, Winny clings to the belief that she will someday find her friends again.

Inspired by true events, The Forgotten Home Child is a moving and heartbreaking novel about place, belonging, and family—the one we make for ourselves and its enduring power to draw us home.
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Nina H.

Loved this book. Did not know about this part of history that was so tragic for many home children from the UK. Wonderful narrator.

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Gina W

Really good book. I loved the story and how close to the real facts about the Bernardo kids from England. Very sad truths about the life of these real kids. But this story was sweet! Love the narrator . She brought the story to life. Nithing better than a great read!

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Kristen F.

I’m so grateful to the author for sharing yet another tragic part of history that has been swept under the rug, however the story was way too predictable for me. If you are a big fan of Hallmark movies you will love this book. I truly appreciated the acknowledgements at the end of the recording.

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Pam A.

Love, love, love this book!! Highly recommend!!

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Wonderfully researched historical fiction. An important piece of Canadian history that should be told.

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Kathleen G.

Wonderful story!

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