The Forgotten Prince

The Forgotten Prince

Written by:
Tanya Anne Crosby
Narrated by:
Marian Hussey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
9 hours 16 minutes
'... an epic story. Tanya breathes life into this timeless tale of love and betrayal, blurring the lines of fantasy and history. —Jeff Wheeler, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

Málik Danann reveals his true self... and his true heart. But even with a Fae Prince by her side, Gwendolyn of Cornwall is not assured victory against Locrinus, the Usurper. She may have come to understand the true meaning of her prophecy, but now she must rise to her destiny and become the First Queen to unite Pretania's fractured tribes—a daunting task, when the people have lost hope, and the land itself is dying.

But the Doom of Men will not simply depend upon whether a slip of a girl can rally mortal men to fight a flesh-and-blood foe. To save her kingdom, the people must remember a time of magic, and it is within the Fae realm Gwendolyn will find the key to reignite hope—The Tuatha'an Sword of Light.

There are forces beyond Gwendolyn's understanding—darkcreatures that will stop at nothing to keep her from her quest. While she intends to enter the Underworld with a Prince by her side, her greatest perils await. She will be tested by a Fae king whose hatred for humanity is strong.

Part 3 of an exciting, new series by Tanya Anne Crosby.
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