Forty Words for Sorrow

Written by:
Giles Blunt
Narrated by:
James Daniels

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
10 hours 11 minutes
'One of the best novels of [the year]. . . Giles Blunt has a tremendous talent.' —Tony Hillerman

'Forceful . . . surprising . . . [Blunt's] insights into suffering and madness give his characters their true voice.' —The New York Times

In the quiet Canadian town of Algonquin Bay, a frozen body has been found in an abandoned mine shaft. She is quickly identified as Katie Pine, a teenager who had disappeared months ago. At the time, Detective John Cardinal insisted that Katie was no ordinary runaway. His relentless pursuit and refusal to give up on the case got him demoted from Homicide. But now the Canadian police force wants Cardinal back on the case—with a new associate by his side. And as these two untrusting partners gather evidence of a serial murder spree, a pair of sociopaths is closing in on the next victim.

Winner of The Macallan Silver Dagger for Fiction
Nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel
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Paige M

Fantastic writing that captivated me from start to end. I was introduced to the world of Cardinal from television a year ago, and when I found out it was based on a book series I decided I needed to get my hot little hands on them. Enter Forty Words for Sorrow, thrillingly narrated by James Daniels in a way that had me in the middle of the action right from the opening sentence. Blunt is an amazingly talented master of his craft. His descriptions are beautifully captured without ever breaking away from the story. His characters are fleshed out realistically. The story moves quickly without skipping over details. Highly recommend.

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iTunes Customer

good book. I love reading about the great northwest.

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