Four If By Power

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
6 hours 56 minutes
Winland Underwood may have met her match. Is Fang a friend or foe?

Even his arctic fox is more than she seems, and Winland's getting mixed signals. From everywhere. Now she's one step closer to tracking down the warrior witch, and the good-looking Wizard at her side is only too eager to help. But can the young Light Elf sense the danger creeping toward the wards around her town-from three states away?

So many magical lives are at stake.

More refugees are showing up every day. Erickson, the turn-cloak hunter, is chipping away at the spells meant to keep him out.

The ancient kemana will play a role, drawing Winland in further, unraveling a web of secrets around her past and present.

But will it be enough?

Can Winland act in time to stop more hunters from tearing apart this newly built haven?
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Sarah McKevitt

Another great installment. Winland has left the safe haven to search for Hector Fang. She finally finds him and they go in search for an item that will help with both in their quests. I think there's something suspicious about Hector Fang - he's hiding something. Is he friend or foe? Time will tell, Erickson ramps up his efforts to get through the wards. Big thumbs up from me

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