Free Speech 101: Expression and the American Constitution

Written by:
David Hudson
Narrated by:
David Hudson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
5 hours 2 minutes
Free speech lies at the heart of our American identity. The Founding Fathers enshrined this right in the first 45 words of the Bill of Rights.

But what does the First Amendment really mean? How have views of its provisions evolved since 1791?

The First Amendment grants us freedom of religion and the press, as well as the rights to petition and peaceful assembly. But perhaps no doctrine is as important to liberty as the freedom of speech. In this 12-lecture audio course, First Amendment expert Professor David L. Hudson, Jr., leads you on a gripping tour of free speech law in the United States. Holding it up as a blueprint for personal liberty, you will examine the history of the First Amendment as well as the terminology and theories that undergird it.

Freedom of speech encompasses all manner of expression, both verbal and non-verbal. Through a close reading of the Free Speech Clause and a recap of the Founding Fathers' historical moment, you''ll see why it was and continues to be a cornerstone of American culture.

In five hours, this succinct and brilliantly-taught course gives you the opportunity to comprehend the historical, legal, and philosophical basis for one of your most vital rights. You will better understand current free speech debates and gain valuable insight into the First Amendment''s future.

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Tiffany T.

If you are an American, you should listen! Narrated by the author, very well done! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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