Written by:
Riley Edwards
Narrated by:
Cj Bloom , Troy Duran

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
4 hours 58 minutes
He lives in the shadows to protect her. But to save her, he'll have to rise from the grave.


The day Shane boarded the plane for basic training, I was happy for him. He escaped a life we both despised. Then he was killed in action before I had the chance to tell him I loved him. Now I write letters he'll never read. Talk to a cold gravestone, heard only by the wind . . . and maybe that guy in a baseball cap I only glimpse before he disappears.


I didn't need my father's money to become one of the deadliest men on earth: an assassin on an elite special forces team. I had no idea the cost of achieving my dream would be . . . everything. Now all I can do is watch from the shadows while Lily, untouched by the filth that clings to my soul, cries over my grave. Leaving her was hardest thing I ever had to do. But when her life is threatened, keeping my distance isn't an option.

Because I'm the only man on earth who can save her.

Contains mature themes.
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Gayle D.

I NEVER buy a 5 hr read but I did because I'm a Troy Duran fan. Good story, lots of laughs. GREAT NARRATION!!!

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great story but male narrator sounder too old for a 32 year old.

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