Freezing Order: A True Story of Russian Money Laundering, State-Sponsored Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath

Written by:
Bill Browder
Narrated by:
Adam Grupper

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
10 hours 29 minutes
Following his explosive #1 New York Times bestseller, Red Notice, Bill Browder returns with another gripping thriller chronicling how he exposed Vladmir Putin's campaign to steal and launder hundreds of billions of dollars from Russia—and how Putin is willing to kill anyone who stands in his way.
When Browder’s young Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was beaten to death in a Moscow jail in 2009, Browder cast aside his business career and made it his life’s mission to pursue justice for Sergei. One of the first steps of that mission was to uncover who had killed Sergei and profited from the $230 million
corruption scheme that he had exposed. As Browder and his team tracked the money that flowed out of Russia—through the Baltics and Cyprus and on to Western Europe and the Americas—they discovered that Vladimir Putin himself was one of the beneficiaries of the crime.
After Western law-enforcement agencies began freezing the money, Putin retaliated. He and his cronies set honey traps for Browder, hired agents to chase him around the globe, murdered more of Browder’s Russian allies, and enlisted some of the West’s top lawyers and politicians in an attempt to bring Browder
down. Putin will stop at nothing to protect his wealth and power. As Freezing Order reveals, Browder’s campaign was a main impetus for Putin’s intervention in the 2016 US presidential election.
At once a financial caper, an international adventure, and a passionate plea for justice, Freezing Order is a stirring morality tale about how one man can take on one of the most dangerous and ruthless villains in the world.
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Just a repeat of the first book, but the first book is better.

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Edward S.

Fantastic hat off to Bill. This follows up red notice to be you up to date with current date.

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Arthur B.

interesting book. too much legalese and Russian intrigue

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Frightening story of how government (in this case Putin) can “legally” persecute a person with the objective of killing him. Sobering.

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Doug M.


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