Written by:
Robert A. Heinlein
Narrated by:
Hillary Huber

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
13 hours 48 minutes
Engineered from the finest genes and trained to be a secret courier in a future world, Friday operates over a near-future Earth, where chaos reigns. North America has become Balkanized into dozens of independent states, sharing only a bizarrely vulgarized culture. Now, Friday finds herself on shuttlecock assignment at the seemingly whimsical behest of her secret employer, known to her only as 'Boss.' Traveling from New Zealand to Canada, from one new state of America's disunion to the next, she is confronted with a series of professional as well as personal crises that put her to the test. She must findquick, expeditious solutions as one calamity after another threatens to explode in her face.

Not since Valentine Michael Smith, hero of Stranger in a Strange Land, has Heinlein created a more captivating protagonist. Fridayproves once again why Henlein's novels have sold millions of copies, won countless awards, and earned him the title of Grand Master of Science Fiction.
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A look into a possible future where technology has advanced, cultures and nations have changed, and space exploration is the norm; all seen through the eyes of one special woman involved in a semi-noir case of spies and intrigue.

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Daniel Dibenedetto

Narrator has mediocre voice and pronunciation issues. ie: "contracted" sounded like she wanted to build me a deck - NOT that something has closed. Didn't make it past the first minute.

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