Gabriel Fallen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
6 hours 36 minutes
From internationally bestselling author K. A. Tucker comes the dark and sexy Dirty Empire series.

Mercy Wheeler and Gabriel Easton's sordid tale continues in Gabriel Fallen as Mercy finds herself heading down a dangerous path.

Gabriel has made an art of dangling what I'm most desperate for in front of me, what he knows I can't refuse, no matter the cost. In this case, that cost continues to be me.

He is still a scoundrel, but I'm starting to see something more.

And while our bargain is proving advantageous in ways I never anticipated, the risks that come with being associated with a man like him are becoming painfully clear.

But how much longer before this arrangement with Gabriel costs me everything I am?

Contains mature themes.
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Jessica A.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW: I am still very much enjoying Ada Sinclair & Alex Kydd’s narration of this story. They play well off each other, and their voices were realistic to the characters they were narrating. STORY REVIEW: I am now completely addicted to Gabriel and Mercy and their story!! There is nothing I do not like about the dynamic of their growing relationship. Throughout this installment in their journey, not only do they both grow as individuals, but also as a couple, and they most definitely are fire!! What started out as nothing more than a means to an end has turned out to be a spectacular journey between two people who fit perfectly. I love how subtle their growing feelings for one another are unfolding in the story. The author has done an outstanding job with the choices she has made for this story allowing everything to unfold in an organic, relatable, and realistic manner. I believe in Mercy and Gabriel. I believe in Gabriel and everything he is trying to accomplish personally and I champion Mercy for her tenacity and strength! Of course, the end came at me like a blast and I had to pause and blink and go back 30 seconds in the audio to be sure I got every word LOL I needed a few beats to recover!

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Patricia R.

Gabriel Fallen Empire Nightclub, Book 2 By: K. A. Tucker Narrated by: Alex Kydd, Ada Sinclair I am loving this series! Book two picks up where we left off and it is clear what is happening. Gabriel is falling hard for this woman, and is doing all kinds of things to try to win her heart. Mercy is doing her best to keep her feelings separate, keeping her father safe, but it's becoming increasingly difficult as she gets to know this man better. Things are picking up for Gabriel and his brother as plans get underway and it's going to be really interesting to see where it all goes. With the cliffhanger we are left with, a message has been sent, and I can't wait to see where KA Tucker takes us next as things move on. I am looking forward to book 3 to see what is going to happen!! Alex Kydd and Ada Sinclair continue to narrate this series and they are fabulous together. I am enjoying Kydd as he delves into Gabriel, each side needing a different nuance to show his personality. Sinclair is so good, giving Mercy strength and passion. We can feel her conflict with her performance. These two are fabulous!

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Katslovesbooks L.

I'm totally enjoying this series so much, things between Mercy and Gabriel are getting hotter by the minute, more of Gabriel's family secrets are reveal and the ending was unexpected and shocking. What started as a contract of convenience between Gabriel and Mercy is becoming something so much more and in a way more dangerous. In this book we see a different side of Gabriel and I love every minute of it. Mercy is becoming his kryptonite and he will do everything in his power to protect her. The ending left me wanting more and I can't wait for Mercy and Gabriel's story to continue, listening to the audiobook was a fantastic experience because the narrators really brought the story to life.

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Malia K.

I’ve been doing an audio re-read for this series and have been enjoying them immensely the second time around. The narrators are so solid for this series and have definitely elevated the story for me. Tucker definitely writes addicting reads! But this should be illegal with the way things ended, that was an absolute killer. Everything about Mercy and Gabriel is FIREEEEEEEEEE, I can’t get enough of these two. I love how easy it is to devour this book, their story just begs for your attention from beginning to end. You can definitely see things changing between these two as they keep their arrangement up. In comes the jealous, which normally bugs the crap out of. But I haven’t had an issue so far with it in this series. Gabriel Fallen was such a quick read and thank goodness we don’t have to wait long for the final book cause seriously that ending was not OK. The mafia aspect is still a little bit lower than what I’ve read in other books, but I’m really not complaining too much. There’s definitely more than there was in the first book. But I think we’re just reaching the tip of the iceberg. Still enjoyed the heck out of this one! **not a standalone. **ends with a cliffhanger

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Brandi B.

K.A. Tucker is back with book 2 in the Empire Nightclub series. In this series we pick up where book one leaves off. Mercy is resisting Gabriel but the things he has done to make her life better are adding up faster and faster- we see that Mercy isn't just another fling for Gabriel. She has the money for her fathers defence in an untraceable bank account, she has a top lawyer and Gabriel has even funded the place Mercy works since it was on its last leg. He keeps saving her in one way or another. Gabriel doesnt want another woman, he just wants her and he is trying his hardest to keep her out of danger. He's working to get out of the family business, he's pouring his heart out to her. She means so much to him. She has finished school and all her exams and they are going to Vegas but then something unexpected happens and we are left on a hard cliffhanger and I need to know what happens next. Thank you for this book

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