The Garden of Sparta

Written by:
Gennifer Dee
Narrated by:
Whitney Ann Jenkins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
7 hours 18 minutes
Only Everlasting love can end the pandemic of violence against women.

But this violence carries through the ages, from the time of ancient Sparta into Australia today.

Just as when she was the Oracle in Ancie, the modern-day energy healer Grace sees this ongoing struggle.

It is a challenge for those who don't fit the strong, powerful male persona.

A battle that traverses space and time, impacting separate lifetimes.

But deep bonds can reach across these different lives, too.

Like Gail and Anna, who were soul sisters in a tragic past life.

Once again, they face the villain who sought to destroy them in their former lives

Only this time, they face him in a modern world. and now they help from the once Ancient Female Warriors, playing a different role.

But how can Gail and Anna possibly overcome the pain and abuse when, as strong, fierce Spartan women, they could not?
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