Gastric Band Hypnosis 5 in 1: Weight Loss Hypnosis

Gastric Band Hypnosis 5 in 1: Weight Loss Hypnosis

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Release Date
July 2021
3 hours 15 minutes
Are you struggling to lose weight?Do you want to shed a lot of weight right now? Have you ever considered gastric bypass or a gastric band surgery, even in passing?

Gastric band hypnosis may be the answer you're looking for! Go under the knife without actually going under the knife and retrain your brain to work with the shrunken stomach you want to have. It won't be the easiest thing you've ever done, but it's a lot easier than recovering from a real surgery (safer too) and it will be the kick start you need to get down to your target weight and stay there for good. 

In this collection of 3 gastric band hypnosis sessions and two general weight loss hypnosis sessions, you'll retrain your brain to eat less while also preparing your mind and body for the whole package lifestyle change your health journey requires. 

If you commit to the techniques in this package, you will:

- Feel fuller sooner
- Rewire the way your brain thinks about portions and meal frequency
- Learn to make healthier food choice and even start to prefer them!
- Curb your sugar and carb cravings
- Learn to relax, de-stress, and get consistent, restful sleep
- Reframe the way you see exercise and get excited about physical activity
- Learn to find ways to reward yourself that don't include empty calories
- And most importantly, watch your stomach and body shrink!

You are so close to getting your ideal body.

You need to make one decision - right now - And buy this Audiobook.

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Georgia M.

Can't complain about this one. Good sessions. Worth my money!

Profile Avatar
Maddy M.

Liked the sessions a lot. Would not hurt to have more sessions but hey, that's just because I like it - hihi

Profile Avatar
Cristine J.

Interesting that this actually works. Did not believe it before.

Profile Avatar
Hayley S.

A shame that more people are not trying this out! Hypnosis is lit fam!

Profile Avatar
Ronaldo S.

I feel like this bundle gave me what I Paid for. I feel good. Content. Satisfied.

Profile Avatar
Hanna A.

Powerful sessions that influence my behavior. Don’t eat as much, but still feel energized to pursue my dream body.

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