Getting Lost

Written by:
Annie Ernaux
Narrated by:
Tavia Gilbert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
7 hours 10 minutes
Getting Lost is the diary Annie Ernaux kept during the year and a half she had a secret love affair with a younger married man, a Russian diplomat. Her novel, Simple Passion, was based on this affair, but here her writing is immediate, unfiltered. In these diaries, it is 1989, and Annie is divorced with two grown sons, living outside of Paris, and nearing fifty. Her lover escapes the city to see her there, and Ernaux seems to survive only in expectation of these encounters, saying “his desire for me is the only thing I can be sure of.” She cannot write; she trudges distractedly through her various other commitments in the world; she awaits his next call; she lives only to feel desire and for the next rendezvous. When he is gone and the desire has faded, she feels that she is a step closer to death. Lauded for her spare prose, Ernaux here removes all artifice, her writing pared down to its most naked and vulnerable. Getting Lost is as strong a book as any she has written, a haunting, desperate view of a strong and successful woman who seduces a man only to lose herself in love and desire.
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Felice D.

I had high hopes for this book after reading the NY Times review, but boy was this bad. Was shocked to learn that this author won the Pulitzer for a different book. This is a seven hour diary entry showcasing the author’s poor self-esteem, self-hatred, neuroticism, and passive death wish due to unrequited love. I hope she found Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. The narrator was cloying and hard to listen to.

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