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The Ghost of Briarwych Church: Briar Wych Church Book 3

Written by:
Amy Cross
Narrated by:
Helen Vine

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
5 hours 20 minutes
The year is 1940. In the picturesque English village of Briarwych, Father David Perkins tends to his work at the local church. The shadow of war has fallen across England, and the local airbase provides a constant reminder of the horrors that have been unleashed. For Father Perkins, the struggle to provide guidance for his parishioners is an everyday battle. And then Judith Prendergast starts hearing voices in the church. A faithful and devoted woman, struggling to raise her daughter Elizabeth, Judith takes a dim view of the happenings in Briarwych. Soon, however, she's offered a terrible deal, the consequences of which she doesn't fully understand. And as she tries to set right her awful mistake, Judith sets in progress a chain of terrible events that will haunt the village of Briarwych for generations.
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