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The Ghost of Crowford School: The Ghosts of Crowford Book 3

Written by:
Amy Cross
Narrated by:
Harriet Dunlop

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
6 hours 26 minutes
The year is 1988, and the old Crowford School building is about to be knocked down. Before that happens, however, three schoolchildren are determined to discover the truth about an old legend. Does the ghost of a murdered woman really haunt the old school? And if she does, what does she want from the living?

Eleven-year-old Bradley Firth has a particular reason for wanting to prove that the ghost is real. His own mother is desperately ill, and Bradley wants to believe that she can come back to him if the worst happens. As he and his friends venture into the abandoned school, however, they have no idea that they're about to get caught up in a fifty-year old tragedy. They might also be about to uncover a disturbing secret about Crowford's past.

Who really killed Eve Marsh all those years ago? Why does she seek vengeance on all those who enter the school? And can Eve's soul be put to rest before the school is finally demolished?
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