Release Date
June 2020
5 hours 4 minutes
The fall of the baronies has led Earth deeper into the darkest days of a bitter struggle as old as the planet itself—a war for righteous destiny. As a force of elite rebels dares to break humanity free from the iron chains of alien rule, they face an ever-changing matrix of cunning and retribution.

Area 51 remains a mysterious enclave of eerie synergy and unleashed power—a nightmare poised to take the world to hell. A madman has marshaled an army of incorporeal, alien evil, a virus with intelligence now scything through human hosts like locusts. For the Cerberus warriors, a willingness to forge a truce with a devious enemy means that they have met unspeakable horror. Now, they mush stop the unstoppable, before humanity becomes discarded vessels of feeding energy for ravenous disembodied monsters.
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