Girl Hidden: A Memoir

Girl Hidden: A Memoir

Written by:
Jesse Rene Gibbs
Narrated by:
Lessa Lamb
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
10 hours 14 minutes
At the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits the small farm towns of Rockwell, Sugar Loaf, and Liledoun, North Carolina. A large family struggles to survive the chaotic nature of the family head: their mother, a terrifying blend of rage, disappointment, and religious command. Her husband follows sheepishly behind, a monster of his own kind.

And then there’s young Jesse: unwanted from conception, but kept as a pawn for her mother’s bidding. Her life is a tale of growing up with no one to count on but herself.

A story of southern hills, a mother’s neglect, fireflies, kidnapping, birth, death, and the taste of sweet mulberries ripened by the sun. Jesse is a girl, hidden, who becomes a woman, discovered.
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