God in the ICU: The inspirational biography of a praying doctor

God in the ICU: The inspirational biography of a praying doctor

Written by:
Dave Walker Md
Narrated by:
Dave Walker , Dave Walker Md
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
4 hours 18 minutes
Dr Dave Walker was a successful anaesthesiologist with a special interest in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Disillusioned with God after a series of tragedies, he was living for himself and his work. Yet he longed for more than just physical healing for his patients, which set him on a quest to find a God who cared. After a dramatic encounter, he started praying with his patients. Suddenly things happened beyond anything he could have imagined. Patients were healed miraculously, others experienced Jesus bringing comfort and peace and still others felt the power of God's love in the face of tragedy. 

Sample Reviews:

An intriguing story about the spiritual journey of a doctor and his mission to ask for God's help in healing the critically ill people he cared for. Starting with an uncertain, tremulous faith, it was thrilling to watch this young doctor's spiritual growth and intimacy with God develop. He was on a mission not just to heal bodies but to bring God into the lives of the patients he cared for. It was fascinating to see how God works miracles of healing even today and how he used the growing faith of this doctor, to accomplish his will and work.

The book never dragged....just was wonderful from page one through the epilogue. I highly recommend it.

God in the ICU is an excellent read. I was captivated from the first page until the last. Dr. walker writes in a down-to-earth, transparent, easy-to-read manner that is both moving and enchanting. He doesn't exaggerate or sugar-coat his experiences. Although he shares many marvelous miracles as he faithfully prays for his patients, he also share much of the sadness and disappointment that are familiar territory in his field (and indeed for all of us in this fallen world). Definitely my best read of the year. 
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Clyde G.

A very good listen clearly narrated and with content that keeps one listening. The author, Dave, comes across as a humble God fearing person. I am a doctor so could identify with thee journey Dave embarked on. The personal component shared is done with compassion and empathy. Strongly recommended

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